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Chiropractic performing therapy on his patient to relieve discomfort


Leg Pain & Sciatica

Treatment for the relief of sciatica and leg pain

We are well versed in the treatment of severe sciatica, offering treatments from initial pain relief to more long term solutions. We have well researched techniques to help improve your posture and suggestions for physical exercise which all amount to relieving the symptoms of sciatica.

Back pain is usually the most common problem diagnosed in a chiropractor’s clinic. Treatments offered can relieve back pain and other related problems, such as sciatica, shoulder, leg and neck pain and spinal deficiencies.

Our clinic offers comprehensive treatments, ranging from initial pain relief to long-term management solutions. Our highly skilled chiropractor provides personalized care, using advanced techniques to improve posture and suggest physical exercises that alleviate symptoms of sciatica. 


Aside from sciatica, we also diagnose and treat various back pain-related conditions such as leg, neck pain, shoulder pain, spinal deficiencies and much more. Our clinic offers a range of chiropractic treatments tailored to our patients' individual needs, ensuring optimal relief and recovery. Contact our Kenilworth clinic today to book an appointment and see how we can help you find relief from your pain. 

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