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Back Care for Gardeners

With the first signs of spring finally showing through, the green fingered amongst us are chomping at the bit; eager to dust the cobwebs off those gardening gloves and get back out into the fresh air.


After a long cold winter the weeds have had a free reign and the bushes might be getting out of hand, which means that before you can start to sow the seeds of this year’s garden you will probably have to put some hard work into clearing them a space.


But before you head out to do battle with the weeding, pruning and mowing, it’s important to take a few simple precautions to ensure that you don’t put undue strain on your back.

Warm Up

Do a few gentle stretches to ensure that your back and muscles are loose and relaxed. If the weather is disappointingly cold, waiting until later in the day will help you to reduce the chance of picking up a strain.

Change Positions Regularly

Repetitive movements can be bad for your joints, so try to avoid doing the same task for long periods. Move around regularly and remember to take frequent breaks – it’s a good opportunity to look back over your work and bask in your nice clean flower beds as you go along.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Shifting a bag of compost is not a job for a single person alone. If possible, ask for help moving any heavy objects or use a trolley to ensure that you aren’t taking the strain by yourself. When you do lift things, make sure that you bend at the knees so that you can take strength from a vertical core rather than putting pressure on a bent spine.

If you do suffer from back pain as a result of gardening or any other activity it can have a debilitating effect on your everyday life, but there are ways that you can seek treatment.

Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic we believe that you shouldn’t just have to live with back pain when it can so often be relieved. If you’re looking for chiropractors serving Leamington Spa, Coventry or the surrounding area then look no further.

To find out more about how we can keep you at your best, call us today on 01926 865985 or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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