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Trapped Nerve Therapy

Chiropractic treatment for the relief of trapped nerve pain

Neck and trapped nerve pain is becoming an increasingly common problem that is getting referred to chiropractors. Neck pain can be caused by sports injuries, road traffic accidents, repetitive strain or even general ‘wear and tear’. Nerves can become trapped between discs in the back, causing pressure on the trapped nerve.

Symptoms such as arm pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle wasting and loss of grip strength can all be the result of a trapped nerve in the neck or upper back.

A chiropractor can diagnose the issue and perform a series of treatments to adjust the back and neck, aligning it properly and relieving the trapped nerve. Our knowledgeable team of chiropractors will examine the back and neck and make a diagnosis accordingly. They will analyse the movement of the area, and investigate the possibility of trapped nerves or muscle damage to understand what is causing the pain, and provide the most suitable course of management to gain fast symptomatic relief and establish long term correction.

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