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Classical Acupuncture Kenilworth

Yvette Giles - Acupuncturist

Classical Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapy are ancient forms of healing that support the balanced flow of energy within the body.

The acupuncturist seeks to understand and support the patient’s unique energetic balance. By treating the Causative Factor, the patients underlying constitutional weakness, healing is supported on the most profound level. Chronic and long standing problems often fade into memories.

Classical Acupuncture considers the health of the body, mind and spirit to be equally important in overall health. In contrast, symptom based approaches use formulas to treat the current problem and often miss the underlying reason why the individual is sick.

Ultimately, health is not just the absence of symptoms or disease. It is the vitality, clarity and energy we need in the pursuit of a rich and fulfilling life.

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