How Olympic Athletes Avoid Sports Injuries

As the nation prepares for the Greatest Show on Earth to roll into the Capital, it may have inspired many of you to get out and try your hand at a little bit of sport. Following the exercise you may well have been left wondering how exactly professional sportsmen do it as you nurse your sore muscles. At Kenilworth Chiropractic many of our team have experience of providing physiotherapy to Premiership footballers and Olympic athletes, but how do top athletes limit sport injuries in Coventry?

By Being Fit & Healthy

Undoubtedly the best way to avoid picking up sports injuries is to possess a decent level of physical fitness. If you play sports casually at the weekend or once a week, it is important to train adequately for that sport. The sport itself isn’t enough to get you fit, and you are liable to injure yourself if it is the only exercise you get.

Wear Appropriate Protective Clothing

Even sports that don’t require too much physical effort can inflict an injury on you if you don’t wear the necessary equipment. For example, horse arena surfaces may be relatively soft, but if the equestrian competitors at this year’s Olympic Games didn’t wear helmets and padding they could suffer a serious injury if they fell from the horse.

Get Plenty of Rest

You may be the sort of person that can’t think of anything but rest after a heavy exercise session, but some people don’t leave adequate recovery time between sports. Olympic athletes who have high consecutive days of training suffer more injuries, and it is a mistake to think that training all of the time will make you a better sportsmen.

Unfortunately, no matter how much care you take, injuries are an inevitable part of playing sport. If you do pick up an injury, either by playing sport or just in your daily life, you should get in touch with the experts. Give us a call on 01926 865 985 to discuss how we can help you with neck, back and soft tissue injuries.

Acupuncture in Warwickshire Explained

If you’re battling with back ache or are having hassle with a headache that just doesn’t seem to go away, you will undoubtedly reach for the medicine cabinet or visit your local GP, but there are alternative treatments that can have the same levels of effectiveness. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic, we have years of experience in treating patients with a range of solutions, including acupuncture. Established since 2007, we have a number of highly trained chiropractors who will work with you to devise a treatment plan for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on the customer service we deliver, and will ensure that you are put at ease throughout, talking you through the whole process from start to finish.

Many people are put off by treatments they don’t know much about, but read on as we give you a guide to acupuncture.

What it is?

A traditional Chinese therapy, acupuncture works on the principle that we have energy, called qi, flowing through our body. The Chinese believe that when this energy can’t flow freely through your body, you are more susceptible to illness and disease. As a result, the treatment is designed to elevate any disruption in your qi to allow it to flow with ease.

How does it work?

Using a variety of thin needles, your acupuncturist will penetrate the skin at a range of stimulating points on your body; this will relieve pressure and will correct any imbalance in the flow of your qi.

Does it hurt?

This is a commonly asked question when it comes to acupuncture because of the fear many have of needles, however pain is only felt when things penetrate the outer layer of your skin, and you can rest assured that because we have years of experience in carrying out this treatment, you will feel little to no pain.

Rather than head to an online pharmacy for painkillers, visit us here at Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic and find out more about how acupuncture in Warwickshire will help your condition.

Be Careful of Getting Back Pain from Gardening in Leamington Spa

Gardening isn’t exactly viewed as the most arduous of tasks, instead presenting a time when you can quietly get back in touch with nature and green up your fingers at your own pace – however it is also a pastime which can put a lot of strain on your back due to the amount of bending and kneeling that has to be done to reach the level of your flowerbeds. While you may pass off some of this pain and strain as being a minor problem that comes with the territory, this back pain could develop into something much worse if it isn’t treated – and that is where we at Kenilworth Chiropractic come in.

We are not for a second suggesting that you shouldn’t continue with this much loved hobby, but instead that, like with many other physical activities, you should practice some caution and make the right choices if you are beginning to be affected by back pain. Our highly trained and skilled chiropractors can provide you with all the help you need to make gardening more strain-less, and that doesn’t just apply to the chiropractic methods we will use, but also the advice we can give on how to garden comfortably – such as how to position your back best when planting flowers or the best garden equipment to use so that you’re not bending or stretching your back too much.

Continued pressure on your spine and its nerves can lead to serious conditions such as Sciatica, and you will surprised at just how many avid gardeners have come through our doors complaining of back pain. If you are in fact suffering from a back problem, your skilled chiropractor will use advanced spinal manipulation methods to protect your spine and ensure that your pain is eased and the chances of further problems developing are reduced. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Car Whiplash Injuries in Warwickshire

If you’ve suffered a whiplash injury during a car accident, you’re certainly not alone. Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) make up the majority of claims handled by UK insurance companies, with 430,000 people claiming for WAD in 2007. At Kenilworth Chiropractic, we specialise in helping you recover from whiplash as well as a multitude of other neck and back injuries.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have been in a car that another car, van or used truck crashed into the back of, it is highly likely you will contract a WAD. The mechanism of the injury is described as Cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) which refers to the sudden changing velocities exacted on the spine caused by a vehicle collision, though there is debate over the real cause.

At Kenilworth Chiropractic, we have been practicing since 2007, and our friendly and experienced team of chiropractors are committed to relieving you from the pain and stress of your injury. Our doctors have worked with sports professionals including Premier League footballers and top athletes, and two of our doctors are official chiropractors of the World Wrestling Entertainment team.

We are BUPA registered so we provide care for BUPA customers, as well as for patients with AXA Healthcare, Healthsure, Simplyhealth and other private medical insurance companies. We can also treat children if it’s deemed necessary, using very gentle specialist paediatric methods to restore movement and flexibility.

If you’re struggling with a whiplash injury, you need to employ the services of a chiropractic team who will put your recovery first. At Kenilworth Chiropractic, our staff are all fully qualified B.C.A and G.C.C registered and our treatments all comply with the relevant national standards. You can find out more by calling us on 01926 865985, and if you mention to us you heard about Kenilworth Chiropractic from our website, we’ll give you a 50% discount on your consultation.

How Can Sports Massage Help Improve Health?

With the Olympics just around the corner, there will be athletes across the country getting prepared and ready to compete in their chosen sports. Asides from mastering their skills and abilities, many may choose to have sports massage as part of their regular fitness regime. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic we offer a full range of services, all designed to help our patients get back to health and fighting fit. Our team are well known for their friendly and professional approach to all manner of problems and you can rest assured that our service will be second to none. Our chiropractors carry out an extensive range of services, so whether you have pain or discomfort in your back, neck or legs, we are the team to call upon for assistance.

Read on as our team of experts discuss the commonly asked question of whether sports massage really does help to improve your health.

Who Can Have It?

Although mainly aimed at athletes, sports massage is just as effective for an office worker too as our team work with the deep tissues to improve movement in your muscles. Whether you’re struggling to perform with your cricket bat or you have stiffness in your neck from staring at your computer all day, sports massage may be ideal for you.

How Does It Work?

The results of a sports massage will be different for each individual, but the basic principles of how it works are the same. By massaging the deep tissue, the blood flow to any tight muscles will increase, which will re-oxygenate and flush out any acid whilst also breaking down scar tissue. By carrying out a sports massage, it will allow the muscles to work effectively and to their maximum capability.

If you think you’ll benefit from a sports massage, why not contact one of our team here Kenilworth Chiropractic? Call now on 01926 865985 or browse our website to find out more.

Finding an Acupuncture Therapist in Leamington Spa

For many people living with unrelenting back pain, the discomforts associated with the problem can seriously affect all aspects of life from long absences from work through to affecting your home and social life. If you are living with constant back pain, there are various chiropractic treatments that can help to ease your pain and therefore significantly improve your quality of life. Here at the Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic we are committed to helping each and every one of our valued patients, and there are various professional treatments, including acupuncture, that our team of fully accredited chiropractors can administer.

Acupuncture therapy has long contributed to Chinese medical theory and proves a popular method of pain relief across Eastern Asia. The treatment is designed to ease the pain triggered across various pressure points in the body, particularly the back.

The treatment involves the stimulation of specific points located near or on the surface of the skin by the insertion of needles. These pressure points are stimulated by various sensory receptors which transmit impulses to the base of the brain which in turn encourages the body to produce the natural pain-killing hormones, neurotransmitters and Endorphins.

The substances released through acupuncture can relax the whole body whilst also bringing about many benefits which include:

•    Increased circulation and decreased inflammation.

•    Relief of muscle spasms and pain.

•    Increased T-Cell count which strengthens the body’s immune system.

Whether you are suffering from continuous back pain through carrying out garden maintenance, or perhaps in the aftermath of a sports-related injury, here at the Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic we can help you.

Our team of fully-qualified chiropractors are trained to provide professional acupuncture in order to ease your unrelenting pain, allowing you to enjoy your life once again. To arrange a consultation with a professional member of our team here at the Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic, call us on 01926 865985 or if you would like to learn more about the professional chiropractic treatments we can provide, feel free to browse through our website today.

Athletes Improve Their Performance with Chiropractors

As an athlete you will be used to maintaining your health and fitness through a good diet and regular exercise as doing this will ensure you are always in top condition to play your chosen sport. With the Olympics just around the corner, many athletes will be undergoing rigorous training regimes to prepare for the big tournaments. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic we have a highly qualified and experienced team of chiropractors who offer a range of services designed to help our patients recover from injury, become fighting fit and ultimately improve performance.

We are proud of the personal service given to every one of our patients as following an initial consultation with one of our team, we will devise a treatment plan designed specifically to meet your individual needs.

There is a common misconception that chiropractors simply help people with back problems however on offer here at Kenilworth Chiropractors are services to help with neck, joints and even chest pains.

Two of our chiropractors are specialists in sports injury treatments having worked with Premiership footballers, Superbike champions and more recently being official chiropractors for the World Wrestling Entertainment Team (WWE). So whether you are struggling to perform well with your cricket bat or you are feeling discomfort whilst running, we will be able to help you through one of our personalised services.

All of our team are qualified to a high standard and we constantly strive to use the latest technology and developments to provide you with the best service possible. With over 10 years’ experience in chiropractic treatments, we will draw on our expertise and match your needs to one of our chiropractors by utilising the specialist treatment skills each one has.

If you’re performance is slipping due to a niggling injury, contact us at Kenilworth Chiropractic to see how our team of chiropractors could help restore a high standard of performance in your chosen field. For more information on our services, feel free to search our website or call one of our team today to discuss how we can help you.

Why Choose Professional Sports Massage in Coventry?

Contrary to popular belief, sports massage is not only beneficial to those who regularly undertake physical activity as it can also provide relief to anyone struggling with movement due a variety of reasons. If you are an office worker with back ache or a sports enthusiast looking to aid recovery from an injury, sports massage could be the perfect solution. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic, we specialise in sports and remedial massage suitable for many individuals; read on to discover why our professional services could be the right choice for you.

Sports massage is a professional technique used to work on the body’s soft tissues. Our specialists combine this method with remedial massage to provide patients with relief from aches and pains when moving. In addition to aiding recovery from an injury, sports massage can also lower heart rate and blood pressure whilst improving circulation.

The multiple benefits of this form of massage mean that relief can be provided to those suffering from a variety of issues including;

•    Back Pain
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Post-Surgical Stiffness
•    Muscle Dysfunction as a Result of Broken Bones

Furthermore, it can also help all aches, pains and movement restrictions associated with muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Whether you are a proficient athlete looking for ways in which to aid peak performance, or are part of a team of builders suffering due to the heavy lifting involved with your line of work, call upon our expert team to provide effective relief.

Before the massage begins, we will ask you a few questions to ensure the most appropriate techniques are used. There are a few occasions where sports massage may not be suitable, for instance if you have an open wound or skin disease so you can rest assured a thorough consultation will always be carried out before any techniques are carried out.

Choose a professional sports massage for relief from painful or debilitating symptoms. The specialists here at Kenilworth Chiropractic are waiting to help you, so why not give us a call today on 01926 865985? We guarantee you a friendly welcome on every occasion.