How Olympic Athletes Avoid Sports Injuries

As the nation prepares for the Greatest Show on Earth to roll into the Capital, it may have inspired many of you to get out and try your hand at a little bit of sport. Following the exercise you may well have been left wondering how exactly professional sportsmen do it as you nurse your sore muscles. At Kenilworth Chiropractic many of our team have experience of providing physiotherapy to Premiership footballers and Olympic athletes, but how do top athletes limit sport injuries in Coventry?

By Being Fit & Healthy

Undoubtedly the best way to avoid picking up sports injuries is to possess a decent level of physical fitness. If you play sports casually at the weekend or once a week, it is important to train adequately for that sport. The sport itself isn’t enough to get you fit, and you are liable to injure yourself if it is the only exercise you get.

Wear Appropriate Protective Clothing

Even sports that don’t require too much physical effort can inflict an injury on you if you don’t wear the necessary equipment. For example, horse arena surfaces may be relatively soft, but if the equestrian competitors at this year’s Olympic Games didn’t wear helmets and padding they could suffer a serious injury if they fell from the horse.

Get Plenty of Rest

You may be the sort of person that can’t think of anything but rest after a heavy exercise session, but some people don’t leave adequate recovery time between sports. Olympic athletes who have high consecutive days of training suffer more injuries, and it is a mistake to think that training all of the time will make you a better sportsmen.

Unfortunately, no matter how much care you take, injuries are an inevitable part of playing sport. If you do pick up an injury, either by playing sport or just in your daily life, you should get in touch with the experts. Give us a call on 01926 865 985 to discuss how we can help you with neck, back and soft tissue injuries.