How Can Sports Massage Help Improve Health?

With the Olympics just around the corner, there will be athletes across the country getting prepared and ready to compete in their chosen sports. Asides from mastering their skills and abilities, many may choose to have sports massage as part of their regular fitness regime. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic we offer a full range of services, all designed to help our patients get back to health and fighting fit. Our team are well known for their friendly and professional approach to all manner of problems and you can rest assured that our service will be second to none. Our chiropractors carry out an extensive range of services, so whether you have pain or discomfort in your back, neck or legs, we are the team to call upon for assistance.

Read on as our team of experts discuss the commonly asked question of whether sports massage really does help to improve your health.

Who Can Have It?

Although mainly aimed at athletes, sports massage is just as effective for an office worker too as our team work with the deep tissues to improve movement in your muscles. Whether you’re struggling to perform with your cricket bat or you have stiffness in your neck from staring at your computer all day, sports massage may be ideal for you.

How Does It Work?

The results of a sports massage will be different for each individual, but the basic principles of how it works are the same. By massaging the deep tissue, the blood flow to any tight muscles will increase, which will re-oxygenate and flush out any acid whilst also breaking down scar tissue. By carrying out a sports massage, it will allow the muscles to work effectively and to their maximum capability.

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