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Raking Up

Even with an unseasonably warm start to this winter the leaves are finally falling from the trees, which means the inevitable backache inducing task of raking them up. If you’ve been out in the garden too long, bending over whilst bagging up, and given yourself backache Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic can help, from a Chiropractic program of treatment through to a soothing massage.

Gardening, whilst generally a relaxing pastime does take it’s toll on one through the summer months, and can leave its mark after regular periods labouring away. Now that you’ve got your bulbs in ready for spring, get yourself ready too. Get to the bottom of that neck, hip, or back pain, find out what the cause is and fix it so that next year you can enjoy a whole season in the garden without being slowed down.

Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic is situated in a beautiful building with a relaxing atmosphere. The warm and friendly team will make you feel welcome immediately whilst making sure you receive the best treatment, tailored specifically to you. Now that you’ve looked after the garden so well, make sure to look after yourself too so that you’re raring to go by the time the snowdrops are out.

Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic is owned and run by Dr Pete and Dr Cindy Townsend and was established in 2007. It offers a range of complimentary treatments to make sure that every patient gets the exact care that they need, from diagnosis through to a program for recovery and prevention. Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic offers; Chiropractic Treatment, Acupuncture, Sports & Massage therapy, Foot Care and Hypnotherapy.

Call us on 01926 865985 to make an initial consultation appointment for only £60.00. Once diagnosed treatments are only £38.00, so now’s the time to spend a little on yourself for a change, instead of filling the flower beds. Kenilworth Chiropractic can get you walking tall, in time for Christmas, and ready to put the fairy on top of the tree!

Recognising Whiplash and Seeking Treatment

If you are involved in an accident that caused your neck to move forward or backward beyond the reach of its normal limits, it can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments. This strain is known as whiplash, and it can result in discomfort that takes months to heal.

If you suffer from whiplash, the pain you feel is caused by inflammation and bruises in the muscles of your neck. These take a little time to develop, so if you are in an accident you may not be aware that any damage has been sustained until sometime afterwards. It is common for symptoms to come on the day after an accident, and they can continue to worsen for several days.

The most common symptoms of whiplash include;

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Reduced movement
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Headaches

In some cases patients also experience pain in the lower back, muscle spasms, dizziness, tiredness, irritability, blurred vision and vertigo.

As with other strains, mild whiplash generally heals itself over time. However, if you suffer severe symptoms or they have not begun to ease after a few days then you could benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic we offer a range of treatments to help to ease the symptoms of whiplash and speed up your recovery. Our fully trained team of experts will work with you to devise a regime of gentle exercises that are designed to improve the mobility of your neck.

We will also give you lifestyle advice to help you to combat your condition within your daily routine and get you back to normal as soon as possible.
So if you are suffering with whiplash in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth or the surrounding areas, call us on 01926 865985 to arrange your first consultation.

What To Do If You Think You Have a Sports Injury

Taking part in sports is a great way to have fun, relax and get some exercise, but sometimes it can lead to injuries. You can minimise the risks by making sure that you warm up properly, make use of the correct safety equipment and don’t push yourself beyond your sensible limits. But just like any other physical activity, sometimes accidents just happen.

If you feel any pain while exercising you should always stop, whether you have noticed a sudden onset or the pain has developed slowly over time. If you carry on exercising on an injury it could make things worse and ultimately slow down your recovery.

If you suffer a sudden trauma, a deep cut or show signs of concussion following a blow to the head then you should go to your nearest emergency department as soon as possible. However, if your injury does not require immediate medical assistance then a chiropractor may provide a better solution for you.

Here at Kenilworth Chiropractors we have years of experience treating a range of sports injuries, from professional sportspeople to the Sunday leagues. Our fully qualified team will spend time carefully assessing the nature of your injury and work with you to create a tailored treatment plan.

If you live in Coventry, Warwick, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa or the surrounding areas and are concerned about a sports injury, then we could help. Call us on 01926 865985 to speak to a member of our friendly team, or fill in our online enquiry form.

How to Cope with Arthritis During the Winter Months

If you suffer from joint pain or arthritis you probably find that the pain gets worse during the cold, damp winter months. Making it more difficult for you to carry out your day to day chores or your exercise routine and it can just leave you feeling downright miserable. So what can you do this winter to alleviate the pain of arthritis?

Dress Warmly:

It may sound completely obvious and something your mum has been telling you to do for years but it really does help. If it’s really chilly outside make sure you wear gloves to keep your hands nice and toasty and wear an extra layer over your legs and your knees in particular.

Warm Water:

Having a long soak in a warm bath is both extremely relaxing as well as soothing for your joints. Swimming in a heated pool is also very beneficial for you, just ensure you don’t rush out into the cold as soon as you get out the pool, be sure to let your body’s temperature normalise a bit first.

Exercise Inside:

As we know exercise is highly beneficial for everyone no matter your age or ability, but even the most energetic of us aren’t eager to go for a run on a cold and frosty morning. Indoor exercising will be just as good for you and easier on your joints. Using a treadmill or even just taking regular walks around your indoor shopping centre would be beneficial and you could even get some Christmas shopping done while you were there.

Treat Yourself to a Massage:

Yes, you have permission to indulge yourself a little bit as a massage can release any tension and tightness in sore muscles and aching joints. And a massage will also leave you feeling completely relaxed and spoilt.


Acupuncture is another treatment than can reduce arthritic pain. Acupuncture can release pain by increasing the release of endorphins into the body, which in turn help to block pain. It is commonly used to treat arthritis as well as treating chronic pain cause by headaches, back and neck pain and muscle pain.

So when you feel that cold winter weather getting closer, dig out your winter woollies, plan an indoor exercise schedule and treat yourself to some treatments here at Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic. We are a team of highly experienced chiropractors in Coventry, and are always on hand to offer any advice and information on dealing with arthritis. If you would like to know more get in touch with us today using the online enquiry form.

How Olympic Athletes Avoid Sports Injuries

As the nation prepares for the Greatest Show on Earth to roll into the Capital, it may have inspired many of you to get out and try your hand at a little bit of sport. Following the exercise you may well have been left wondering how exactly professional sportsmen do it as you nurse your sore muscles. At Kenilworth Chiropractic many of our team have experience of providing physiotherapy to Premiership footballers and Olympic athletes, but how do top athletes limit sport injuries in Coventry?

By Being Fit & Healthy

Undoubtedly the best way to avoid picking up sports injuries is to possess a decent level of physical fitness. If you play sports casually at the weekend or once a week, it is important to train adequately for that sport. The sport itself isn’t enough to get you fit, and you are liable to injure yourself if it is the only exercise you get.

Wear Appropriate Protective Clothing

Even sports that don’t require too much physical effort can inflict an injury on you if you don’t wear the necessary equipment. For example, horse arena surfaces may be relatively soft, but if the equestrian competitors at this year’s Olympic Games didn’t wear helmets and padding they could suffer a serious injury if they fell from the horse.

Get Plenty of Rest

You may be the sort of person that can’t think of anything but rest after a heavy exercise session, but some people don’t leave adequate recovery time between sports. Olympic athletes who have high consecutive days of training suffer more injuries, and it is a mistake to think that training all of the time will make you a better sportsmen.

Unfortunately, no matter how much care you take, injuries are an inevitable part of playing sport. If you do pick up an injury, either by playing sport or just in your daily life, you should get in touch with the experts. Give us a call on 01926 865 985 to discuss how we can help you with neck, back and soft tissue injuries.

Car Whiplash Injuries in Warwickshire

If you’ve suffered a whiplash injury during a car accident, you’re certainly not alone. Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) make up the majority of claims handled by UK insurance companies, with 430,000 people claiming for WAD in 2007. At Kenilworth Chiropractic, we specialise in helping you recover from whiplash as well as a multitude of other neck and back injuries.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have been in a car that another car, van or used truck crashed into the back of, it is highly likely you will contract a WAD. The mechanism of the injury is described as Cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) which refers to the sudden changing velocities exacted on the spine caused by a vehicle collision, though there is debate over the real cause.

At Kenilworth Chiropractic, we have been practicing since 2007, and our friendly and experienced team of chiropractors are committed to relieving you from the pain and stress of your injury. Our doctors have worked with sports professionals including Premier League footballers and top athletes, and two of our doctors are official chiropractors of the World Wrestling Entertainment team.

We are BUPA registered so we provide care for BUPA customers, as well as for patients with AXA Healthcare, Healthsure, Simplyhealth and other private medical insurance companies. We can also treat children if it’s deemed necessary, using very gentle specialist paediatric methods to restore movement and flexibility.

If you’re struggling with a whiplash injury, you need to employ the services of a chiropractic team who will put your recovery first. At Kenilworth Chiropractic, our staff are all fully qualified B.C.A and G.C.C registered and our treatments all comply with the relevant national standards. You can find out more by calling us on 01926 865985, and if you mention to us you heard about Kenilworth Chiropractic from our website, we’ll give you a 50% discount on your consultation.

Athletes Improve Their Performance with Chiropractors

As an athlete you will be used to maintaining your health and fitness through a good diet and regular exercise as doing this will ensure you are always in top condition to play your chosen sport. With the Olympics just around the corner, many athletes will be undergoing rigorous training regimes to prepare for the big tournaments. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic we have a highly qualified and experienced team of chiropractors who offer a range of services designed to help our patients recover from injury, become fighting fit and ultimately improve performance.

We are proud of the personal service given to every one of our patients as following an initial consultation with one of our team, we will devise a treatment plan designed specifically to meet your individual needs.

There is a common misconception that chiropractors simply help people with back problems however on offer here at Kenilworth Chiropractors are services to help with neck, joints and even chest pains.

Two of our chiropractors are specialists in sports injury treatments having worked with Premiership footballers, Superbike champions and more recently being official chiropractors for the World Wrestling Entertainment Team (WWE). So whether you are struggling to perform well with your cricket bat or you are feeling discomfort whilst running, we will be able to help you through one of our personalised services.

All of our team are qualified to a high standard and we constantly strive to use the latest technology and developments to provide you with the best service possible. With over 10 years’ experience in chiropractic treatments, we will draw on our expertise and match your needs to one of our chiropractors by utilising the specialist treatment skills each one has.

If you’re performance is slipping due to a niggling injury, contact us at Kenilworth Chiropractic to see how our team of chiropractors could help restore a high standard of performance in your chosen field. For more information on our services, feel free to search our website or call one of our team today to discuss how we can help you.