Athletes Improve Their Performance with Chiropractors

As an athlete you will be used to maintaining your health and fitness through a good diet and regular exercise as doing this will ensure you are always in top condition to play your chosen sport. With the Olympics just around the corner, many athletes will be undergoing rigorous training regimes to prepare for the big tournaments. Here at Kenilworth Chiropractic we have a highly qualified and experienced team of chiropractors who offer a range of services designed to help our patients recover from injury, become fighting fit and ultimately improve performance.

We are proud of the personal service given to every one of our patients as following an initial consultation with one of our team, we will devise a treatment plan designed specifically to meet your individual needs.

There is a common misconception that chiropractors simply help people with back problems however on offer here at Kenilworth Chiropractors are services to help with neck, joints and even chest pains.

Two of our chiropractors are specialists in sports injury treatments having worked with Premiership footballers, Superbike champions and more recently being official chiropractors for the World Wrestling Entertainment Team (WWE). So whether you are struggling to perform well with your cricket bat or you are feeling discomfort whilst running, we will be able to help you through one of our personalised services.

All of our team are qualified to a high standard and we constantly strive to use the latest technology and developments to provide you with the best service possible. With over 10 years’ experience in chiropractic treatments, we will draw on our expertise and match your needs to one of our chiropractors by utilising the specialist treatment skills each one has.

If you’re performance is slipping due to a niggling injury, contact us at Kenilworth Chiropractic to see how our team of chiropractors could help restore a high standard of performance in your chosen field. For more information on our services, feel free to search our website or call one of our team today to discuss how we can help you.