Common Questions

Some Common Questions of Chiropractic Treatment and Care

What Are Symptoms?

How effective is chiropractic treatment?

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment provided by chiropractors is usually painless, unless there is inflammation in the area. In order to make all patients as comfortable as possible and provide the best possible experience our treatments are modified and structured around the individual needs of the patient.

It is perfectly natural if you feel stiffness or feel tired after the initial treatment; this is a natural response to the manipulation of the spine. We’ve found through our experience that every patient responds slightly differently to treatment.

Why do I need to do exercises?

Can Chiropractors help osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis affects the bones making them brittle and weak due to lack of calcium, this is particularly common in women after the menopause. Our chiropractors are able to carry out different treatments to help ease the pain that Osteoporosis can cause, as well as provide you with advice and guidance on methods to help fight the problem. Chiropractic care in this case can help keep joints flexible, helping to improve balance and strength and minimising the risk of falling.

Can children have chiropractic treatment?

Children of all ages can benefit from chiropractic treatment. If after careful assessment the chiropractor feels treatment may be beneficial then very gentle specialist paediatric methods can be used to help restore movement and flexibility to the child’s spine, joints and muscles.

How often will I need treatment? When should I be checked?

Chiropractic aims to reduce pain and improve mobility, strengthen and stabilise the injured areas, and maintain long term correction. The number of treatments required depends entirely on the individual condition and is based on how long the problem has been there and the severity of the injury. Treatment tends to be more intensive initially in order to re-train the joints and muscles to work correctly. Most people will see an improvement in their symptoms within 1-2 weeks, after which they will be seen by the chiropractor less frequently as they continue to improve. Once a problem has been fully corrected many of our patients choose to attend our practice for maintenance care, having check ups from time to time to ensure long term correction is maintained.

What about a good diet and exercise?

A balanced diet and regular exercise will certainly help your condition, but will not necessarily deal with an existing problem in the same way as chiropractic method. While exercise will increase your fitness and core strength, chiropractic can pinpoint problem areas that are reducing your body’s efficiency and flexibility.

Can I get over treated?

Every chiropractor we employ is well trained and uses their expertise to diagnose your problem, and evaluate when it is appropriate to give treatment and, more importantly, when it’s not. Every case is different, but it is unlikely that you will be over exposed.